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Intercom Customer Communications Platform vs Zendesk Comparison 2023

intercom vs. zendesk

Their AI-powered chatbot can enable your business to boost engagement and improve marketing efforts in real-time. The primary function of Intercom’s mobile app is the business messenger suite, including personalized messaging, real-time support tools, push notifications, in-app messaging and emailing. Intercom also does mobile carousels to help please the eye with fresh designs. Zendesk also offers digital support during business hours, and their website has a chatbot.

On the contrary, Intercom is far it comes to pricing and can cost hundreds/thousands of dollars per month. But this solution is great because it’s an all-in-one tool with a modern live chat widget, allowing you to easily improve your customer experiences. At the same time, Zendesk looks slightly outdated and can’t offer some features. There is power to be realized in partnerships and the strategic combination of forces, and companies using chatbots for customer service can further enhance the CX, taking it to new heights. Netomi’s virtual agents sit alongside human agents to supplement and enhance the capacity of support teams, ensuring the seamless resolution of customer queries. The comparison of whether Intercom is better than Zendesk depends on your specific customer support and engagement needs and objectives.


Taking about showing the “raw” image of the brand, Drift, and Zendesk have a more personal approach when it comes to content on Facebook and Instagram. Those differences are characteristics of each brand’s identity on social media. For example, Zendesk, as seen above, has a “raw” way of delivering content using in the majority of the time unedited pictures with team members, creating some personal connection with the viewers. Analyzing the three websites in a single place, I’ve noticed that Zendesk has an Event Agenda on its website, taking the marketing strategies offline by creating meetups and events around the world. On the other site, Drift has created a whole section of reviews called “What Customers Love About Drift,” in which they imported customers’ opinions mainly written on Twitter. Let’s break down Intercom, Drift, and Zendesks’ marketing strategies and see examples of how they build their online presence.

intercom vs. zendesk

In this section, we will be doing an in-depth analysis of the various help desk, live chat, and knowledge base features of these tools. In terms of usability, ProProfs Help Desk has been diligently designed to meet the needs of customer service teams of any size, business. Right from small startups to large enterprises, all businesses can manage their ticketing needs and stay available to their customers 24×7.

Different Criteria Used to Differentiate Zendesk & Intercom

They added some support recently, but these two seem to be the major use cases and really what we see them be used for the most. Say farewell to disjointed customer experiences and costly third-party consultants. Dixa is the only customer service platform that centralizes tools, processes, and data into one cohesive omnichannel ecosystem. Tailored for modern businesses, we provide an Intercom alternative that effortlessly aligns with customer expectations in 2023 and beyond.

It allows you to chat with visitors on your website and convert them into customers. It allows you to anticipate customers questions and offer help when and where they need it. Zendesk also has solutions for small to mid-sized companies as well. The trigger feature reduces cart abandonment and increases conversions. It plans on using this funding to research machine learning technology instead of just lining their own pockets. It is worthwhile to explore the features of both, prior to making a decision on which one you should use.

Features (weighted 11%)

The third area we’ll tend to look at is actually the integration portion, that is how hard is it to implement, so let’s quickly do a dive here into the developer’s portal for Intercom. Intercom, I’ll say, has probably one of the most extensive documentations I’ve seen. You have, also the app store component here, where they have a lot of different app integrations. That’s something that Zendesk has a little bit, CustomerIO has a little bit, but Intercom really has the most integrations. So if you want to do a quick integration with something like Slack, you’ll say to send messages into a Slack channel, that’ll be quite easy to do.

intercom vs. zendesk

In general, Zendesk offers a wide range of live chat features such as customizable chat widgets, automatic greetings, offline messaging, and chat triggers. In addition to these features, Intercom offers messaging automation and real-time visitor insights. Zendesk started in 2007 as a web-based SaaS product for managing incoming customer support requests. Since then, it has evolved into a full-fledged CRM that offers a suite of software applications to its over 160,000 customers like Uber, Siemens, and Tesco. Zendesk offers robust, pre-built reports for sales and support teams. Here are our top reporting and analytics features and an overview of where Intercom’s reporting limitations lie.

I found that if I wanted to work most productively I’d need to have all four main Zendesk products opened in different browser tabs as there is no option of having all of them within a single dashboard. If you thought Zendesk’s pricing was confusing, let me introduce you to Intercom’s pricing. It’s virtually impossible to predict what you’re going to pay for Intercom at end of the day. To sum things up, one can get really confused trying to make sense of Zendesk’s pricing, let alone to calculate costs.

intercom vs. zendesk

Overall, when comparing Zendesk to Intercom, Zendesk’s features will probably win out over time. But the most important thing is that you get a help desk that you believe in—and that you integrate it into a website as thoroughly as possible. You can use this support desk to help customers or you can forward potential new users to your sales department. You can create a help platform to assist users in guiding themselves, or you can use AI-enabled responses to create a more “human” like effect. We need a solution that allows whoever picks up the chat or phone to quickly see the history of that customer, their request, notes, and the status of their order. We need a powerful chat tool that can enable immediate engagement, have some basic automation, and allows users to drop in.

Intercom has your back if you’re looking to supercharge your sales efforts. It’s like having a toolkit for lead generation, customer segmentation, and crafting highly personalized messages. This makes it an excellent choice if you want to engage with support and potential and existing customers in real time. One of Zendesk’s standout features that we need to shine a spotlight on is its extensive marketplace of third-party integrations and extensions.


Here’s what you need to know about Zendesk vs. Intercom as customer support and relationship management tools. If you’re a small business, you may want to consider Intercom as it offers a nice set of features in its most basic package—without breaking the bank. Finally, Intercom’s messenger comes with some great customization options.


Plus, LiveChat’s support tool is slightly more robust, coming with reporting, ticketing solutions, routing rules, and more. Its live chat tool has a lot to offer as well, from automation and canned responses to chat transfers and personalization. Freshdesk also has a live chat app messaging solution to enable conversations with users across multiple channels.

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The newsletter, send by Drift to its users, it features a conversation between a Drift member and a recent customer that has chosen to use Drift because Intercom did not satisfy her expectations. Excellent marketing strategy – definitely, a reason to keep an eye on your competitors’ newsletters to spot these kinds of situations that put you in a bad light in front of a big community. With the increased understanding of the value of quality customer service, tools are becoming much more advanced and tailor-made. Consider integrating this tool with other customer data analytics tools for increased productivity and returns.

  • This is a pretty common request these days, specifically companies will say, “You know, hey, we wanna improve our onboarding flow after users sign up”.
  • Yes, you can integrate the Intercom solution into your Zendesk account.
  • They’ve been marketing themselves as a messaging platform right from the beginning.
  • G2 ranks Intercom higher than Zendesk for ease of setup, and support quality—so you can expect a smooth transition, effortless onboarding, and continuous success.

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  • ProProfs makes it easier for you to get a pulse on what your customers want.
  • While Intercom lacks some common customer-service channels like voice calling and video conferencing, it supports other unique features that transfer across channels.
  • Experience targeted communication with Intercom’s automation and segmentation features.
  • Zendesk maps out each activity a visitor performs on your website.
  • If you are looking for a comprehensive customer support solution with a wide range of features, Zendesk is a good option.
  • Intercom offers admin full visibility and control over all company inboxes, as well as agent access controls and role management.


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